With the calm strength of an old-world sensei, Ashley exhibits the kind of empathy you want in a business relationship—someone who internalizes your goals and makes them her own. An expert in perceptions, positioning, and brand communications, she has a gift for coaxing out the voice that best resonates with your audience, then building it into a tailored business strategy.

Above all, Ashley is a matchmaker with a keen eye for potential partnerships, ensuring that Pathfinder is just as good of a fit for you as you are for Pathfinder.

Ashley holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of New Hampshire and an associate’s degree in business management.




Beth approaches every new challenge, however complex, with the boundless enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning. At her happiest when solving puzzles, Beth dives into the details of programming, business intelligence, mathematics, and research—refusing to surface until each piece comes together to provide clarity and utility.

Her experience includes cross-functional leadership and expertise in information technology, business intelligence, sales forecasting (customer collaboration, forecasting, and replenishment), product/market-level forecasting and analytics, corporate and brand finance (including profitability and margin analysis and P&L management), and strategy in both the public sector and at Fortune 100 companies. Of the two Czajkowskis, you’ll think Steve is the smart one. Until you meet Beth.

Beth holds her BS from Cornell University, and her MBA from St. Bonaventure University.




Strategic planner, seasoned researcher, business consultant, interactive maven, media guru, and PR pro are a lot of titles to squeeze onto a business card. Sometimes it’s easier to say “Vice President” and call it a day. Not that we want to diminish Jeff’s cross-functional expertise with a more comprehensive label. We would just rather spend the bulk of our time putting his experience to work for you.

A lifelong baseball fanatic, Jeff knows a thing or two about combining raw data with predictive analytics to get results. Immersing himself in numerous forms of research—from media and syndicated to primary and secondary—he can unearth relevant and actionable insights to develop a game plan for long-term success, no matter how your market evolves.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science/Political Studies from Allegheny College.




Sure, Larry may have the owner title next to his name, but when you shake his hand, you’ll quickly realize that he’s a pretty regular guy. Smart, personable, charitable—he’s got it all. What’s the secret to his success? His relentless drive. You’ll see it in the office with his passionate leadership, and in the gym when he’s tossing around tires the size of golf carts. So maybe he’s not that regular after all.

An inspiring communicator for more than 30 years, Larry has evolved from broadcasting executive to the current owner of FARM—one of Western New York’s top marketing agencies. Adding co-ownership of Pathfinder to his dance card, Larry continues to foster a spirited and industrious environment where his staff can make a powerful and lasting impact on every client.




To do this job, you have to be smart. But it’s Steve’s humility that impresses clients just as much. For Steve, it’s not just about finding the story in the data, but also translating that story into language that’s accessible, consumable, and actionable.

In addition to marketing research, Steve has 19 years of experience in statistical analysis, business intelligence and analytics, global information technology, and sales and consumer marketing at Fortune 100 consumer products companies. His experience includes in-depth expertise in business analytics, specifically research design, data warehouse design, data acquisition, geo-mapping, and the visualization and presentation of data. Steve is also a full-contact chess player who takes no prisoners.

Steve earned both his undergraduate degree in Finance as well as his MBA from Canisius College, where he is also an adjunct professor of Marketing Analytics.


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